A Thank you Note to Peyton Manning

As we embark on another Broncos campaign, a title defense in fact, I first need some closure. Before I emotionally invest in another 16 plus games and ride the invigorating orange wave of Broncos fandom, I am compelled to first say goodbye to an era that I will never forget.peytonmanning

With the recent announcement of Trevor Siemian saddling up as the next starting gunslinger for the Broncos, the reality of Peyton Manning not being our quarterback has officially set in. I know. He’s been retired for months. I need to move on. But I first need to type some feelings before I truly turn the page.

So before I ride or die with Siemian , Lynch, or whichever field general is at the helm moving forward, I wanted to write a quick thank you note to the sheriff. On behalf of all of Broncos country, thank you for the last four years Peyton, because it truly was a golden age of being a Broncos fan.

Thank you for signing as a free agent with the Broncos. How awesome was that feeling as a Broncos fan when you heard the news? Christmas in the middle of summer?! I’ll never forget when I found out. I was driving to a Great Clips in deep Aurora (a suburb of Denver) to get a value hair cut ; I had a coupon. It honestly felt like I had just won Powerball when the news became official. I ran into Great Clips, and boisterously announced to all of those in the waiting area, “THE BRONCOS JUST SIGNED PEYTON MANNING. “ High fives all around and for sure some awkward looks. Best haircut of my life, and not just because it was only $7.99 with the coupon! Continue reading

Super Bowl Rhyme Time


Right now to be a Broncos fan, is quite a special time.
So I decided to rattle off, a Denver Broncos rhyme.
Broncos fans pinch yourself, they’re in the Super Bowl.
This entire season, awesome for my soul.

After last year’s heartbreak, Broncos country was sad.
That loss to the Ravens, the epitome of bad.
It ripped out our hearts, and left us wanting more.
But I think that it occurred, to add to Broncos lore.

Using that loss as fuel, the Broncos came back strong.
And in this current season, they really turned it on.
Blowing out opponents, and crushing teams like whoa.
Sustaining massive injuries, but going with the flow.

Breaking records like crazy, Peyton was on fire.
A truly prolific year, which we watched transpire.
Most yards in a season, the most touchdowns ever.
Will we see that again? The answer might be never. Continue reading

The Day Denver Stood Still

It was January 12th, 2013. Divisional playoff game. Broncos vs. Ravens.  In Peyton Manning’s first season wearing orange, the Broncos were the number one seed in the AFC, and favored by more than a touchdown.



What happened that fateful night was perhaps the most bone-chilling, heart-wrenching, jaw-dropping, and fiercely frustrating loss in Denver Broncos history.

That game was lame, and I will never be the same.

It took a toll, on my soul, because they lost control, on the road, to the Super Bowl. Continue reading