A Thank you Note to Peyton Manning

As we embark on another Broncos campaign, a title defense in fact, I first need some closure. Before I emotionally invest in another 16 plus games and ride the invigorating orange wave of Broncos fandom, I am compelled to first say goodbye to an era that I will never forget.peytonmanning

With the recent announcement of Trevor Siemian saddling up as the next starting gunslinger for the Broncos, the reality of Peyton Manning not being our quarterback has officially set in. I know. He’s been retired for months. I need to move on. But I first need to type some feelings before I truly turn the page.

So before I ride or die with Siemian , Lynch, or whichever field general is at the helm moving forward, I wanted to write a quick thank you note to the sheriff. On behalf of all of Broncos country, thank you for the last four years Peyton, because it truly was a golden age of being a Broncos fan.

Thank you for signing as a free agent with the Broncos. How awesome was that feeling as a Broncos fan when you heard the news? Christmas in the middle of summer?! I’ll never forget when I found out. I was driving to a Great Clips in deep Aurora (a suburb of Denver) to get a value hair cut ; I had a coupon. It honestly felt like I had just won Powerball when the news became official. I ran into Great Clips, and boisterously announced to all of those in the waiting area, “THE BRONCOS JUST SIGNED PEYTON MANNING. “ High fives all around and for sure some awkward looks. Best haircut of my life, and not just because it was only $7.99 with the coupon! Continue reading

Bringing the Whole Gang Back Together

Nostalgia is an interesting phenomenon. It’s a cozy, fuzzy feeling which warms the cockles of the heart. Whether it’s a blanky from your childhood, the smell of a home cooked meal that reminds you of grandma, or an ex-offensive coordinator coming back to his original digs, nostalgia is a positive, comfortable sensation.

John Elway is employing a tactic of nostalgia as he re-assembles the coaching staff of the Denver Broncos, starting with the hire of his old pal.

Didn't get much PT has Elway's back-up.

Didn’t get much playing time has Elway’s back-up…

Newly minted head coach Gary Kubiak has been clad in orange before. He was John Elway’s back up from 1983 – 1991. He was drafted the same year as John and the two were bunkmates at training camp. Then Kubiak was the Broncos offensive coordinator from 1995-2005. That’s almost two decades of Bronco blood running through his veins.

Sick old school jacket bro...

Sick old school jacket bro…

Wade Phillips is back in the saddle as the Broncos defensive coordinator. He was in that same position from 1989-1992. He was also promoted to head coach from 1993-1994.

The new Broncos offensive coordinator is a man by the name of Rick Dennison. He, as well, has been around the Denver Broncos block before. In fact, he’s breathed the thin Rocky Mountain air for the majority of his life. He went to Rocky Mountain high school in Fort Collins and attended Colorado State University in the mid 70’s.

Back in Orange baby...

Back in Orange baby…

He was a Broncos linebacker from 1982-1990. Dennison joined the coaching staff as an offensive assistant from 1995-1996. He became the special teams coach from 1997-2000. He then tutored the big men up front as the o-line coach from 2001-2005. Dennison was promoted to offensive coordinator from 2006-2008, and then demoted back to the offensive line in 2009.

So, the new holy trinity of Denver Broncos coaches – Kubiak, Dennison, and Phillips – has over 80 years of cumulative experience as either a Broncos coach or player.

Combine that with John Elway’s 15 years as the Broncos QB and the last five years in the front office, and that’s over a century of experience now working in the offices at Dove Valley.

Talk about keeping it in the family. Elway is literally bringing the whole gang back together. In Elway’s state of the union at the end of the season, he talked about hiring “like-minded” individuals. Then he went out and hired all his homies from back in the day.

Broncos’ fans and members of the media have overwhelming applauded Elway’s recent string of hires. Do you know why? Because of nostalgia. Yes, all three coaches have solid resumes with great track records. But Kubiak, Dennison, and Phillips have all been in the building before, so familiarity breeds comfort.

But will familiarity breed a Super Bowl ring? That, my friends, is the million-dollar question. Everyone has warm and cozy feelings regarding the new Broncos regime. But those feelings will turn ice cold if the Broncos don’t find the NFL promise land, and compete for the Super Bowl in the very foreseeable future.

Orange You Glad You’re a Denver Broncos Fan?

Orange you glad you’re a Broncos fan? I am. There’s an unquestionable sense of pride to be a resident of Broncos Country. Whether you were born into it, married into it, or just like the Broncos because our colors are so pleasing to the eye, all followers are welcome to this great nation of fans. Who knows what the population is? Impossible to calculate. But one thing is for sure, I know we roll deep. I might not have met 99.9 percent of the populous of this cult of fandom, but I know all members have one thing in common – and that is we unconditionally love the Broncos. When the Broncos are on Sundays, we pay attention. And when they win, it makes us smile.

Naturally, it makes us happy when they win games. It makes us elated when they win playoff games. And it makes us ecstatically exhilarated when they win Super Bowls.

On the other side of the coin (a coin hopefully Joe Namath never got his hands on), when they lose games, it makes us sad. When they lose playoff games, it makes us weep. And when they lose Super Bowls, if feels like The Incredible Hulk punched us in the heart. Continue reading