18 Reasons Why The Broncos Will Win Super Bowl 50

The Denver Broncos are going to win Super Bowl 50 because…

  1. Defense wins championships and the Broncos D is the truth. They are the only team in NFL history to give up the least amount of yards per rush, yards per pass, and points per game. They also led the league in sacks. That’s production across the board my friends. Cam might be Superman, but the Broncos ferocious D could be his kryptonite.
  1. Everyone thinks the Panthers are going to win. Murphy’s Law. Or is it the Pythagorean theorem? Either way, the pundits aren’t giving the Broncos a chance, and that bodes well. David took down Goliath remember.
  1. My newborn child, the biggest Bronco fan under 4 months on the planet, will cry if the Broncos lose, and that’s not cool.FullSizeRender
  1. This game will not start with the Broncos SNAPPING THE BALL THROUGH THE ENDZONE!
  1. The worst game of Cam Newton’s career? That was against the Denver Broncos. His passer rating was less than 10. Yes, this is a few seasons ago, but he was trash against the Broncos that day and Von Miller owned him.
  1. Clete Blakeman is the ref, and the Broncos are 5-0 when he refs the Broncos games. Lets hope he knows how to flip the coin.
  1. Speaking of botched coin flips, remember when Joe Namath’s drunk ass butchered the coin flip and preemptively flipped the coin in Super Bowl 48. The rest of the night was downhill for Denver, and I blame Joe Namath. He won’t be flipping the coin again and that’s a good thing.Unknown-1
  1. The Panthers have been blowing people out – dropping 31 points on the Seahawks and 49 on the Cardinals in their two playoff games. Did you know what the record of playoffs teams are after they score over 40 points in the previous affair? Those teams are 5-23 in their next game. Strange, but true.
  1. The city of Denver and the citizens of Broncos country deserve it. We are thirsty for a title, having not won one since 1999. No offense to Carolina fans, but there is no comparison measuring the passion of our fan bases. Your state is known for basketball for gosh sakes. Denver is a Broncos town through and through. We bleed Orange. Broncos are the city’s official religion. The loyalty of our fan base is unmatched. The Broncos have sold out every game since 1969. The Panthers weren’t even a team until 1995. C’mon Broncos, do it for Denver!
  1. The Swami (Chris Berman, perhaps the greatest football media personality) picked the Broncos to win. Which means we could…go…all…the…way!
  1. It helps the Broncos that they got obliterated two short years ago in the Super Bowl. That memory is fresh, and the Broncos will be hungry to not get embarrassed once again.
  1. The Broncos are relatively healthy this time around. Von Miller, Chris Harris, and Derek Wolfe were all injured for Super Bowl 48. They are all game changers and they are all ready to go.
  2. The Broncos highly respected owner Pat Bowlen is not doing well, and the Broncos want to win for him. Remember when he uttered those famous words “This one’s for John.” Well John is now going to utter, “This one’s for Pat!”Unknown-2
  1. The Broncos are battle tested. They set an NFL record by winning 11 games by seven points or fewer. The fact that they played so many close games will breathe confidence into the Broncos if the game is close late.
  1. Generally the team who leads the league in scoring advances to the Super Bowl. And generally that teams loses. Four out of the last five teams have lost the Super Bowl after leading the league in scoring. Sorry Panthers, but this is just another indication that defense wins championships.
  1. Gary Kubiak and John Elway were both drafted by the Broncos in the same year (1983). Kubiak backed up Elway for years, and was his offensive coordinator for the twilight of Elway’s career. Now Elway runs the Broncos front office, and didn’t have to search far for the Broncos next head coach after Elway fired John Fox following the sad conclusion of last season. He brought in his great friend Kubiak to lead the way, bringing the band back together, including the crucial addition of Wade Phillips. Wade used to be a Broncos head coach and has been a successful defensive coordinator for multiple teams. Phillips doesn’t get enough credit for transforming this defense from good to legendary. From the front office to the head coach to the defensive coordinator, the Broncos nostalgic mojo is at an all-time mile high.
  2. When Manning came into the league, 18 seasons ago, the Broncos were the two time defending Super Bowl champions. The Broncos have not won a title since. Now, almost two decades later, Manning is rocking the Orange (but actually white on Sunday), perhaps completing a storybook ending and bringing the Broncos back to glory. Now that’s full circle.
  1. Because this is 18’s last ride and destiny works in mysterious ways.


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