Super Bowl Rhyme Time


Right now to be a Broncos fan, is quite a special time.
So I decided to rattle off, a Denver Broncos rhyme.
Broncos fans pinch yourself, they’re in the Super Bowl.
This entire season, awesome for my soul.

After last year’s heartbreak, Broncos country was sad.
That loss to the Ravens, the epitome of bad.
It ripped out our hearts, and left us wanting more.
But I think that it occurred, to add to Broncos lore.

Using that loss as fuel, the Broncos came back strong.
And in this current season, they really turned it on.
Blowing out opponents, and crushing teams like whoa.
Sustaining massive injuries, but going with the flow.

Breaking records like crazy, Peyton was on fire.
A truly prolific year, which we watched transpire.
Most yards in a season, the most touchdowns ever.
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Humbling Homecoming Haiku, Part Deux

There was another homecoming for the Broncos on Sunday.

This time it was for wide receiver Wes Welker, returning to his old stomping ground to face the New England Patriots. And just like when Peyton returned home to Indy, the Broncos suffered a loss. This one, however, was more excruciating than the setback to the Colts. How excruciating you ask?

"I'm so mad I didn't catch that punt!" (Chris Humphrey, USA TODAY sports)

“I’m so mad I didn’t catch that punt!” (Chris Humphrey, USA TODAY sports)

Well, it was the biggest statistical collapse in the history of the Broncos.

Like I’ve mentioned before, poetry is good for the healing process. So instead of wildly pointing fingers, writing off the season, or pessimistically over-analyzing, I simply give you – Humbling Homecoming Haiku, Part Deux.


Huge game vs. the Pats.

Gosh it started very well.

Miller to the house.


Pats fumbles galore.

Broncos D playing lights out.

Jumped to a quick lead.

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Humbling Homecoming Haiku

Broncos’ losses always sting. And since they don’t lose so much anymore (17-2 in their last 19 games), Broncos country – both fans and the media – tend to overreact when they drop a game. And since the Broncos versus Colts was one of the most hyped regular season games of all time, there was plenty of post-game discussions. So instead of dissecting the loss with a “woe is me” negative attitude, nitpicking at everything that went awry, here’s a simple recap in Haiku form. (Line 1 – 5 syllables, Line 2 – 7 syllables, Line 3 – 5 syllables.) Poetry is always good for the healing process.


Surreal watching Manning play his old team.

Surreal watching Manning play his old team.

Peyton at Indy.

Homecoming for the ages.

Couldn’t get the win.


Honored before game.

Still received a standing O.

Quite emotional.

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